Venezia, La Scomparsa

Venezia, La Scomparsa

The disappearance of Venice is foretold... Documenting the city's architecture keeping its evanescence in mind, this is the position taken by Frédéric Delangle for his photographic series.

As an allusion to Georges Perec's novel, Venezia, La scomparsa (Venice, The disappearance) refers to the formal constraint the photographer set himself for the treatment of his images: to empty out all intermediate colors between black and white, as well as contrasts, playing on the density of the images. The legendary city vanishes by day and becomes ghostly by night.

As Sabrina Ponti highlights in her text: So painted, photographed, and filmed, Venice might seem to have no more secrets to reveal, and yet in this disappearance of contrast and color, as water and land blend into each other, the viewer is invited to look harder, in a less superficial way, at the lagoon city, and so perhaps uncover its secrets. 

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Hardcover, 30 x 24 cm

60 photographs

136 pages

Trilingual texts (English, French, Italian)

Sabrina Ponti, Jean-Michel Wilmotte

ISBN : 978-2-36511-138-6

45,00 €

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