Bilad es Sudan

Bilad es Sudan

Claude Iverné has been exploring North and South Sudan for over twenty years. In this monograph, he puts the viewers on the trail, letting them find their way on their own in this journey. Working in both B&W and colour, he takes a sharp, sensitive and distanced look, devoided of stereotypes, at the country and its inhabitants.

Having learned the Arabic language, the photographer wanders with persistence. He has built a narrative outside of any event or news story where the numerous details breathe life to several layers of interpretation of the image.

Winner of the 2015 Henri Cartier-Bresson Award for this work, Claude Iverné has carried on his project in South Sudan, the 193th state of the planet. Wheras the North is depicted in B&W, Claude Iverné chose colour for the South to echo the ambient brouhaha. He observes the hasty change of a nomadic society within a market economy.

The current situation in South Sudan created a change of direction for Claude Iverné. The slow immersion specific to his approach became impossible with the movements of refugees. The vagabond photographer decided then to meet with these refugees in France, on the outskirt of cities at the border of Italy, in Brittany, near Paris, etc., conveying striking portraits from these encounters. 

Press reviews


Aperture Foundation, New York

September 15 – November 9, 2017


Hardcover, 24,5 x 28 cm

240 pages

190 B&W and colour photographs


Texts (in French)

Introduction : Claude Iverné

Interview of Quentin Bajac by critic Jonas Cuénin


The HCB award is supported by the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès

ISBN : 978-2-36511-122-5

45,00 €

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