Sasuke - Limited edition n°1 New

Sasuke - Limited edition n°1

Accompanying the release of Sasuke by Masahisa Fukase, we have conceived two limited editions, numbered each from 1 to 30, including the book and a choice between two collotype prints produced by Benrido studio in Kyoto on Torinoko White Washi paper. 

The publication Sasuke gathers the photographs Masahisa Fukase has made of his cats, Sasuke and Momoe, presenting both iconic images and a selection of unpublished ones. His cats have become a major theme in his work, particularly at the end of the 1970’s, and represent a boundless experimental field for the Japanese photographer, among the most radical and original of his generation. They have been the subjects of several books in his lifetime and Tomo Kosuga has unburied a remarkable selection in the artist’s archive to conceive this book as the achievement of a series of publications dedicated to his cats.

Collotype, a printing process developed in France approximately 150 years ago, allows a continuous tone process and a smooth rendering. The prints of remarkable quality are also very stable. Today, Benrido in Kyoto is one of the last workshops in the world to maintain and develop this traditional process.

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Limited edition in a box set,

numbered from 1 to 30,

including the book Sasuke

with the collotype print (on opposite side),

produced by Benrido studio, Kyoto

and certified with the authentification stamp 

of the Masahisa Fukase Archives.

Print size: 24 x 33 cm

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